Set of documents 

  1. One printed copy of an article in A5.
    The copy of the manuscript must to be signed by all authors below the text.
  2. Disc containing a file in Word (*.doc) format.
  3. Extract from the record of the department with recommendation for publishing the article in the collection of scientific papers.
  4. Two reviews. Signatures of reviewers should be approved with a stamp of the institution.
    (Article of PhD is not reviewed).
  5. A copy of the payment order about transferring finance for publishing of the article.
    The cost of publishing articles in the collection of scientific papers of KSUFTT - 30 UAH / p.


KSUFTT Code 01566330
b/a 31259251204613
Bank ДКСУ МФО 820172 (marked: for publication of an article).