Submission of articles is realized in two stages.
The first step is reviewing and editing of articles, the second stage is acceptance of the final version (corrected by the authors).


  1. One copy of the article are typed in A5 format but printed in A4 format for reviewing and editing. The copy of the manuscript should be signed by all authors below the text, expanded English annotation (summary) must be signed by a specialist from the Department of Foreign Languages.
  2. Extract from the record of the department with recommendation for publishing the article in the collection of scientific papers.
  3. Two reviews. Signatures of reviewers from other institutions must be approved by the stamp of the institution.
    (Article of PhD is not reviewed).
  4. A copy of the payment order to transfer finance for publishing of the article.
    cost of publishing articles in the collection of scientific papers of KSUFTT  - 40 UAH.
    Requisites: KSUFTT Code 01566330 b/a 31259251204613 Bank ДКСУ МФО 820172 (marked: for publication of an article).


  1. One copy of the article after correction, printed in A5 format.
  2. Disc containing a file in Word (* .doc). format.
  3. A4 article with editing corrections.