2017 year

Edition 1 (25)

Section 1

Section 1 Accounting, analysis and audit

  1. Krutova A. The accounting policiy as a tool for businesscredit worthiness managemant. - С. 7-14. (Translate)
  2. Kovalevska N., Yancheva I., Naumova T., Boichenko N. Hotel industry: economic essence and development trends. - С. 14-27. (Translate)
  3. Boychenko N., Kovalevska N., Naumova T. Environmental audit: essence and necessity. - С. 28-36. (Translate)
  4. Akimova N., Toporkova O., Yevlash T. Accounting and analytical providing of the enterprise’s economic safety. - С. 37-50. (Translate)

2016 year

Edition 2 (24)

Section 2

Section 2 Economics of catering and trade enterprises

  1. Vlasenko I. Tourism market in Ukraine as an object of marketing management. - С. 47-59. (Translate)
  2. Chorna M., Bredikhin V. Place of creative economy in play modern needs of society. - С. 60-74. (Translate)
  3. Chorna M., Shumilo O. Principles, functions and methods of managing economic security of retail trade company. - С. 74-86. (Translate)
  4. Cherchata A. Conceptions of business management in the context of logistics approach usage. - С. 87-96. (Translate)
  5. Esinova N., Tokar A. Problems in the functioning of state employment service of Ukraine. - С. 96-106. (Translate)
  6. Bubenets I., Artemenko V., Kozub V., Artemenko S. Mechanism evaluation of effective use of marketing resources at a trade enterprise. - С. 107-120. (Translate)
  7. Popova I., Smirnova P. Institutional system of information sphere for the activation of interregional collaboration. - С. 120-133. (Translate)
  8. Milash I. Logic of adaptive management cost companies trade. - С. 134-142. (Translate)
  9. Esinova N., Gaevaya A. Priority of personality-oriented education in the modern paradigm of university education. - С. 142-149. (Translate)
  10. Dyadyuk M., Mykhailova О. Methodological tools improvement for the system of competitiveness provision of trade enterprises. - С. 149-163. (Translate)
  11. Timchenko O., Tkachenko O., Timchenko V. Private label as background for the creation of competitive preferences of Ukrainian retail. - С. 163-170. (Translate)
  12. Fylypenko О., Golovanova S. Methodological principles of ensuring financial and economic safety of the trade enterprises. - С. 170-180. (Translate)
  13. Sukachova-Trunina S. The basic principles of assessing the effectiveness of an adaptation strategy of the enterprise. - С. 180-189. (Translate)
  14. Chirva Yu., Bugrimenko R. Substantiation of estimation indexes for economic security of an enterprise. - С. 190-198. (Translate)
  15. Kushnir T., Verbytska V. Management accounting in the system of organizational, informational and methodological support competitiveness of agricultural enterprises. - С. 198-208. (Translate)

Edition 1 (23)

2015 year

Edition 2 (22)

Section 5

Section 5 Scientific grounds of humanitarian training of students

  1. Borysova A., Kolesnyk A., Arkhypova V.,  Manuyenkova O. Playing projecting as one of main elements of foreign languages teaching. - С. 293-301. (Translate)
  2. Borysova A., Kolesnyk A., Manuyenkova O., Belikova O. Methods and techniques of foreign language teaching. - С. 302-212. (Translate)
  3. Kolesnyk A., Belikova O., Manuyenkova O. Organization of students’ self-study in the process of foreign language studing with use of internet-resources. - С. 212-224. (Translate)
  4. Kravtsova T. Teaching foreign students abstracting scientific articles using professionally oriented texts. - С. 325-330. (Translate)
  5. Kravtsova T., Injuhina A., Muraviova O. Influence of adaptational factors on successful studying of foreign students. - С. 330-339. (Translate)
  6. Dibrova V., Voloshin P. Visual modeling in scientific research, the development of foreign languages and on practical training. - С. 339-349. (Translate)
  7. Petrova L., Chernyh M. Taking into account the individual characteristics of students of KSUFT as a way of optimal physical qualitits. - С. 349-357. (Translate)
  8. Moskaliov V., Rusanov M. Optimization of the process of warm-up in football for the students in sports improvement groups. - С. 358-369. (Translate)
  9. Kudriashov I., Artyugin A., Rusanov M. Healthy life-style formation and the problem of physical fitness of students from KHSUFT. - С. 369-377. (Translate)
  10. Sapozhnikova L. The influence of forming word picture of the semantics of lingual culture words and sensor vocabularys. - С. 337-384. (Translate)

Edition 1 (21)

Section 2

Section 2 Economics of catering and trade enterprises

  1. Chorna M., Khandybora O. Classification of elements of motivation enterprise personnel. - С. 63-72. (Translate)
  2. Chorna M., Shumilo O. Application of the theory of functional systems in creation of a system of retail company economic security. - С. 73-82. (Translate)
  3. Krasnokutska N., Bubenets I., Artemenko V. Evaluation of internal entrepreneurial climate in trade enterprises. - С. 82-92. (Translate)
  4. Krutova A., Staverskaya Т., Shevchuk I. The problems of the enterprises' financial safety. - С. 93-105. (Translate)
  5. Dr. Hatim Abd-Alkrim Zgheel. Small and medium enterprises (SMES) and their role in economic and social development. - С. 106-119. (Translate)
  6. Vlasova N., Mikhailova E. Criteria and indices of the effectiveness of circulating assets formation in retail trade enterprises. - С. 119-128. (Translate)
  7. Milash I. Historical evolutionary theory of management expenses of the enterprise. - С. 128-136. (Translate)
  8. Zubkov S., Kolesnyk A. Methodical approach to the formation of organizational and economic mechanism for mobilization of the enterprise’s resource potential. - С. 136-147. (Translate)
  9. Shinkar S., Smirnova P. Value-oriented implementation of resource potential management in trade enterprise. - С. 147-159. (Translate)
  10. Smol'nyakova N., Volosov A. The features of the intellectual capital as factor of competitiveness ensuring. - С. 159-167. (Translate)
  11. Vavdiichyk I. Research of performance and efficiency of managing commodity resources of retail enterprises. - С. 168-178. (Translate)

Section 4

Section 4 Management and marketing

  1. Maluk L., Varypaev A., Varypaeva L. Theoretical basis and general principles of safety services in the hotel. - С. 216-222. (Translate)
  2. Yatsun L., Seliutin V., Seliutin S. Forming of system of strategic management in enterprise foreign economic activity. - С. 223-234. (Translate)
  3. Varypaev A., Varypaeva L. Philosophical aspects of consumer behavior. - С. 234-240. (Translate)
  4. Davydova O. Improvement of the enterprises’ activity in the hospitality industry in the conditions of their innovative and technological development. - С. 241-256. (Translate)
  5. Voloshin P., Uvarov S. The economic efficiency of rehabilitation technologies intense for health-rehabilitation sphere and health-resort branch. - С. 256-266. (Translate)
  6. Pryadko О. Improvement of the organization of trade management and control by assortment in retail network. - С. 266-276. (Translate)
  7. Popova L., Mityaeva T., Lozinska A. Features of marceting market fast food. - С. 276-288. (Translate)
  8. Sinicina G., Zhegus O., Tarasov I., Chuyko L. Marketing research in the sphere of child and youth sport in Kharkiv. - С. 289-301. (Translate)
  9. Zhegus O., Partsyrna Т., Shevyakova V. The role of sports in providing social and economic regional development. - С. 302-312. (Translate)
  10. Kamneva A., Sulima O., Zelenkov A. Implementation of balanced scorecard in industrial enterprises in a modern market economy. - С. 313-321. (Translate)
  11. Sobolev V. The essence of marketing effectiveness in system of managing marketing activity of the enterprise. - С. 322-334. (Translate)
  12. Ustian A. Application of cognitive psychology's propositions in marketing theory. - С. 334-342. (Translate)
  13. Korzh N., Fedulova I. Corporate capital management on the life-cycle positions. - С. 343-358. (Translate)

2014 year

Edition 2 (20)

Edition 1 (19)

Section 5

Section 5 Scientific grounds of humanitarian training of students

  1. Borysova A., Arkhypova V., Kolesnyk A. Theoretical grounds of applying case-study as an efficient method of teaching a foreign language in a high educational establishment. - С. 298-308. (Translate)
  2. Kolesnyk A., Manuyenkova O. Factor of sels-study as one of the basic stage of successful teaching of foreign language. - С. 308-315. (Translate)
  3. Petrenko N. Trade school in the business education in Naddnipryanska ukraine (late XIX – early XX centuries). - С. 316-325. (Translate)
  4. Muraviova O., Kravtsova T., Krupei M. Functioning of english quantitative words. - С. 325-334. (Translate)
  5. Savateeva L., Muraviova O. Replenishment of modern english vocabulary. - С. 335-343. (Translate)
  6. Kravtsova T., Muraviova O. Teaching abstracting scientific articles of economic orientation at the lessons of russian as a foreign language. - С. 344-350. (Translate)
  7. Podvorna L., Kondratenko M. Using interactive technologies in students majoring in economics economic terms. - С. 350-359. (Translate)
  8. Kravtsova T., Korol A. Analysis of the main adaptation moment and factors that have influence on education of foreign students in Ukraine. - С. 360-368. (Translate)
  9. Kudriashov I., Artyugin A. Persisitence as an integrating factor of students’ health and work capacity. - С. 369-375. (Translate)
  10. Plyasheshnik A., Levchenko M., Moskaliev V. The organizational and pedagogical fundamentals of students' self-study in physical education. - С. 376-384. (Translate)
  11. Lytvynchuk О. The essence of health-sport tourism as a way of maintenance of students’ health retaining. - С. 384-395. (Translate)