Dear colleagues!

In Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade (KSUFTT) two collections of scientific papers (2 issues of each) included in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine are issued annually.

 In the area of technical sciences 
"Progressive engineering and technology of food production enterprises, catering business and trade" 
the following sections are planned:

  1. New technologies of foodstuffs.
  2. Equipment of food production enterprises and improvement of processes and apparatuses of food production enterprises.
  3. Foodstuffs quality improvement.
  4. Foodstuffs quality improvement.
  5. Commodity research and expertise of non-food products.
  6. Information technologies in science and educational process.

 In the area of economical sciences 
"Economic strategy and perspectives of the development of trade and services sphere" 
the following sections are planned:

  1. Accounting and finance.
  2. Economics of catering and trade enterprises.
  3. Economic theory and foreign economic activity.
  4. Management and marketing.
  5. Hotel and restaurant business.
  6. Scientific grounds of humanitarian training of students.

 Deadline of submitting set of documents to the articles to the collections of scientific papers: 
1st edition – till 01.04, collection of scientific works is published in June;
2nd edition –  till 01.10, collection of scientific works is published in December.

Articles are submitted to the University Press (room. 43) with:

  • a set of documents,
  • obligatory indication of the name of the collection (technical or economic) and its section.

Each article undergoes a reviewing.
The article must be the author’s origin.
The author of the article is responsible for plagiarism.

Articles that do not meet the requirements will be returned to the authors for revision as soon as possible.

After the deadline the articles are accepted for publication in the next edition.

Statute about the reviewing of the research papers for publication in the special collections of Kharkiv State University of Food Technology and Trade.